Useful Links

Here are some useful links:

Local Connections
Burg Birder   Local birding/nature blog
Sydenham Discovery  The Sydenham River – explore, investigate, enjoy
Lambton Wildlife Inc.  Lambton County’s nature club
St. Clair Region Conservation Authority
Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority
Ontario Woodlot Association Promoting healthy productive forests

Nature Connections
Carolinian Canada
Ontario Nature
Nature Canada
Planet Friendly  Bringing people together over ideas that matter.

Ontario Wildflowers
Ontario Ferns
Ontario Trees & Shrubs
Ontario Grasses, Sedges & Rushes
World of Mosses  A Graphic Guide to Ontario Mosses

Bird Watching Tips  Nominated by Alex
Ontario Field Ornithologists
Birding Checklist for Ontario
Wildbirds – Ontario
Bird Studies Canada
Dendroica Aid to bird identification images and sounds
Macaulay Library Photos and audio of birds and other animals

If there are any nominations that you wish to make for upcoming months please share with us.