As many may know we held our second online plant sale and it has concluded with spectacular results.

We would like to take this time to thank everyone who supported our projects by purchasing plants this year. We were amazed at how fast we sold out.

The camaraderie we felt from each of you gave us a renewed hope for our environment and our native wildlife. We enjoyed hearing about your gardens and your love of native plants.  We appreciate your patience and the kind words for our club and our sale.

Your investment in the biodiversity of your property and helping out our pollinators is one that will be returned a 100-fold or more in the future; a return that not only will be seen in the near future but one that will be seen for generation to come. Thus giving our children and our grandchildren even our great grandchildren the opportunity to explore our native biodiversity’s unique beauty.

Your purchase will help support our four major projects, (Peers Wetland, Wallaceburg PawPaw Woods, Wallaceburg Sycamore Woods and Sydenham River Nature Reserve)

We would also like to take this moment to thank the many hands that volunteered to make this year’s plant sale a success. We are grateful for the time and skill sets you brought to help us.  From preparation to distribution, we were blessed by your contribution.

As we extend our greatest appreciation to both our customers and volunteers, we look forward to hosting next year’s sale.

Your SFN Native Plant Sale Committee

Denise Shephard, Monica Vida and Sherri-Anne Wills