Thank you to our awesome Volunteers.

What an amazing time we had yesterday, old friends, new friends coming together to help with the maintenance of Paw Paw Trails. With Laughter and comradery and many hands from some great workers we were able to get the work done in just less then 2 hours, while maintain social distancing and Covid protocols.

Afterwards, we were treated to an educational tour of the woods and the prairies field by Larry Cornelis . The diversity in this little piece of heaven is amazing.

If you have not made it out to Paw Paw woods, we highly suggest you do and enjoy the beauty and diversity within its borders. You may even like to bring your camera and capture the wonders with in. You may even see a rock that looks like a piano.

Pictures by Herman Giethoorn Denise Shephard and Sherri-Anne Wills