We were pleased to host our 35th Annual Banquet on April 9th 2022 after a 2 year hiatus.  It was a pleasure to rekindle old friendships and create new ones with kindred spirits. With 120 in attendance, the banquet hall was filled with adventure as we enjoyed a delicious buffet and an amazing speaker.

In the first hour members and guests were able to peruse the incredible prizes offered on our bucket raffle table. With each ticket purchased they tested their luck while supporting our clubs many projects. When dinner was served, we enjoyed the delectable buffet dinner and dessert as each table was filled with intriguing discussions and camaraderie.

Following Dinner everyone was sitting on the edge of their seat hoping their number would be drawn during the bucket raffle. They say not to put all your eggs in one basket but the majority of the winners will tell you the trick to winning at a bucket raffle is by putting several tickets in the bucket.

Before the door prizes were drawn, Larry Cornelis shared the progress at the Sydenham River Nature Reserve focusing on the significance of the Sydenham River is especially to the numerous species at risk that call it home. He emphasised how the newly required land to expand the reserve will help maintain the rare biodiversity found in and around the Sydenham River. 

The announcement of our Friends of Nature Award for 2022 was presented to Robert (Grizz) & Nancy Lozon by our Program Chair Darrell Randall. In 2018, they retired a small field at the front of their property to create a wetland and the native prairie that surrounds it. They enjoy it a great deal.  For several years Bob has aided individuals and organization in preparing and converting acres of land to its original natural state. His industrious talent has helped rejuvenate the native biodiversity across several counties.

The best was left for last. After the Door Prizes were drawn, our guest speaker, the influential Canadian explorer, adventurer, and best-selling author, Adam Shoalts captivated us with his escapades across Canada. Sharing his first real adventure at the age of 13, he introduced us to his inspiration for exploring Canada from sea to shining sea. 

Adam drew us in with his hypnotizing tale of an isolated village Traverspine he uncovered in Labrador.  He shared the winding trail of adventure, which he and our Vice President Zach Junkin ventured on, in largest remote area of Canada to solve a well kept mystery. Captivated by his quest in the wilderness he led us to a cliff hanger which will only be answered by reading his latest book “The Whisper on the Night Wind”.

Our Annual Banquet was a night to remember for all those that attended.  We would like to thank everyone who helped in make this memorable night: Len and the Everest Convention Centre staff for accommodating our every need and the delicious meal; our guest Speaker Adam Shoalts for taking us on the spell binding tour of Canada’s wilderness; our volunteers who help set the atmosphere for a night of adventures. Thank you to our members and guests for your unwavering support in saving our native biodiversity.