2020 Online Native Plant Sale


 Welcome the SFN’s First Online Native Plant Sale. This is a new concept for us and we are working on a learning curve.

Below you will find a list of plant we have to offer. Click/tap a Plant’s name in Green Text to reveal an image** of that plant.  

When you are ready to order, the Catalogue Order Form is under the list. Giving detail information about each plant as well as pot sizes and prices.

Use the Catalogue Order form’s handy search bar to find and select your desired plants.  Order early as some varieties have limited availability.

Once you placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email.  When your order is filled, you will be contacted by one of our friendly volunteers with additional information (cost, etc) and make arrangements (receiving and selected payment options). 

We will be offering no contact payments as well as delivery or pick up. 

Thank you for supporting the Sydenham Field Naturalists.

**Images provide by Herman Giethoorn (majority), Aditional images by Martha Gillier, Denise Shephard, Dawne Mudford and Sherri-Anne Wills    

2020 SFN Native Plant Sale List

***Click/tap a Plant’s name in Green Text to reveal an image of that plant. 




Aster – Arrow-leaved Sold Out Columbine  Sold Out Spicebush Sold Out
Aster – Smooth Blue Sold Out Ferns – Lady Sold Out
Aster -New England Sold Out  Fern – Ostrich Sold Out


Bee Balm Sold Out Jack in the Pulpit  Sold Out Blue Beech (Carpinus Caroliniana) (3-6′)
Black Eye Susan Sold Out Wild Geranium Ironwood (Ostrya Virginiana) (3-6′)
Blazing Star – Dense  Sold Out Wild Ginger  Sold Out Kentucky Coffee Tree  (3′)  Sold Out
Blazing Star -Rough~~4 inch Pot Kentucky Coffee Tree (Seedling)
Blazing Star -Rough ~~1 Gallon


Maple – Silver (3′) Sold Out
Blue Lobelia Blue Flag Iris  Sold Out Maple – Sugar (4-7′)
Blue Vervain  Sold Out Marsh Marigold Oak – Red (5-7′)
Boneset  Sold Out Sedge – Hop Oak – White (4-6′) Sold Out
Brown Eyed Susan Sold Out Sedge – Fox Oak – White (seedlings)
Culvers Root Sold Out  Swamp Thistle Tulip Tree (3′)  Sold Out
Cup Plant  Sold Out Turtlehead Walnut- Black (Seedling)
False Sunflower Sold Out
Figwort Sold Out


Golden Alexander  Sold Out Big Blue
Goldenrod – Blue-stemmed


Goldenrod – Early


Goldenrod – Ohio Indian
Goldenrod – Riddells
Hairy Beardtongue  Sold Out


Ironweed  Sold Out Pussytoes  Sold Out
Joe Pye Weed Silverweed Sold out
Lance-leaved Coreopsis Thimbleweed  Sold out
Milkweed – Butterfly Sold Out 
Milkweed – Swamp
Nodding Wild Onion  Sold Out
Prairie Dock Sold Out
Sun Drop  Sold Out
Tall Boneset  
Tall Coreopsis  Sold Out 
Tall Meadow Rue Sold Out
Virginia Mountain Mint
Virgin’s Bower Sold Out
Wild Bergamot Sold Out

2020 SFN Native Plant Sale Catalogue Order Form

Using the Search Bar will help you narrow you search (plants by name, type of soil or wildlife you like to attract etc.) After you have found your item and added the quantity to your order then delete the text in search bar to do another search. When you have chosen all your plants fill out your details below and hit send.  

***Sydenham Field Naturalist reserves the right to limit quantities

Should there be technical issues with our order form please feel free to either email your order to sydenhamfn@hotmail.com or click here to order through our host site