See below for a great and helpful article from Sally, a fellow friend of nature, from Penn-Jersey.  Read on, and make your gardens safe!

Making Your Garden a Safe Haven for Birds

Habitat loss is one of the most significant reasons that North American bird populations are in decline. Taking into account local wildlife while gardening can help to conserve native species that are critical to the local food chain, including birds, as it gives them a safe and stable environment in which to live.

While urban and suburban settings can’t replace natural habitats, they provide much-needed food and shelter for birds during migration while providing a safe place to nest during mating season. Whether you live on a seven-acre farm or in the middle of the city, there are several ways that you can create an outdoor environment offering a safe place for birds to flock for local avian populations.

Provide Food and Water

For birds to live comfortably in your garden, they need to have a nearby source of food and water. You can provide water in the form of a bird bath, which also allows them to clean their feathers more easily. Food should be offered in a feeding container because otherwise, it’s liable to get snapped up by squirrels and other rodents. You should clean your feeder at least once per month to prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria.

Block off Predators

We all love our pets, but as cuddly as cats are around humans, they aren’t quite as friendly towards birds. Homeowners who are concerned about the safety of the birds in their gardens should keep cats indoors or restrict their ability to roam the yard. Dogs, too, should be supervised so that they don’t hunt any birds or destroy nests built in your yard.

Avoid Chemicals

Pesticides are dangerous to many backyard creatures, including birds. When gardening, you should avoid using pesticides to avoid harming birds. Even if birds don’t come directly into contact with a hazardous chemical, it can build up in their system from bugs and plants that they eat.

Make Windows Visible

A crystal-clear window may look nice from our perspective, but for birds, it can be a fatal. When birds crash into windows at high speeds, it can destroy delicate bones and muscles, leading to disfiguration and even death. You don’t have to stop cleaning the exterior of your house to prevent window strikes, but colorful tape and decals of predators can help to ensure that birds steer clear of the glass. It’s also a good idea to keep feeders and bird baths a few feet away from windows.

By adding a few accessories to your backyard, you can turn your garden into a veritable wildlife sanctuary and do your part to help conserve native bird species.