It’s that time of year again when we are all out cleaning our yards and collecting our yard waste. We all know that organic matter makes great compost however placing it in or around our protected woodlands/Reserves may have devastating effects to their ecosystem and biodiversity.  While the yard waste may seem innocent what is hidden within could be detrimental. 

Since non-native species have a way of overtaking our native species we could lose the advantages of these woodlands for our wildlife. For example creeping Charlie, Bindweed, Japanese Honeysuckle, Periwinkle etc. will only need a small leaf node to set its root and become a widespread problem choking our native species like bloodroot, may apples etc. Similarly hidden seeds of non native grasses and other plants can be scattered throughout the woods choking out the native plants or stealing the nutrients needed for them to thrive.

So we strongly encourage everyone to refrain from disposing organic matter in or around our native protected woodlands thus we can continue to preserve the natural and historic beauty of these properties.  Thank you your consideration in this matter.