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There are a lot of advocacy actions that you, as an individual, can take at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels to contribute to real change.

This is as true for nature as it is for any issue that you care about.  Our natural environment doesn’t have a voice, and it depends on each of us to ensure that it is recognized as a priority.  This is particularly true in Chatham-Kent, a county that continues to struggle with conservation and tree cover compared with other counties in Southwestern Ontario.  Sign petitions, write letters, and engage others in this discussion!

Most of the advocacy actions we talk about at SFN are made up of a few separate albeit intertwined categories:

  • habitat conservation (land acquisition, designation)
  • habitat quality (invasive species, native plants)
  • intervention action to specific practices (harmful pesticides, etc)


Blog Posts Tagged with Advocacy

See below for the news/blog items that have been tagged with ‘advocacy’.  This collection will represent a timeline of some of the important calls to action as we are asked to speak out for nature.


Let Us Protect Our Woodlands

It’s that time of year again when we are all out cleaning our yards and collecting our yard waste. We all know that organic matter makes great compost however placing it in or around our protected woodlands/Reserves may have devastating effects to their ecosystem and...

This election… a few questions that should concern everyone!

This election… a few questions that should concern everyone!

It's almost May - and the provincial election is heating up!  Sooner or later there will be folks knocking on your door asking for your vote.  What are the issues that matter to you? If protecting the environment and being a friend of nature is on your radar, here are...

Native Plant Sourcing Southwestern Ontario – 2018

Native Plant Sourcing Southwestern Ontario – 2018

Gardening native -  most of us know why, but sometimes get stuck on the where and when - see below for a listing of native plant events in Southwestern Ontario so you can add to your collection in 2018!  If you know of any that are missing please send us an email and...

Protected Places Canada – Conserve 17% of Lands

Protected Places Canada – Conserve 17% of Lands

Summary: Canada committed in 2010 to endorse the United Nations target of protecting 17% of the planet's land and inland waters by 2020 This was adopted in the Ontario biodiversity strategy in 2011 Currently less than 11 percent of Ontario is protected Sign the...

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