🌿 Important reminder: Respect nature and conservation areas! 🚫🐶🌱

During a guided hike at Reid Conservation Area with Sydenham Field Naturalists, we encountered a concerning situation. On our way in, we passed a couple walking out of the area. Unfortunately, their dog was off leash, and what shocked us even more was that the woman had collected a whole armful of wild leek leaves. She excitedly shared her plan to make dumplings with them.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this incident and highlight the importance of responsible foraging and respecting conservation areas. Foraging can be a complex topic, even under the best circumstances, but gathering plants from a conservation area is simply not acceptable.

Conservation areas are established to protect and preserve the natural environment, including its delicate ecosystems and biodiversity. Engaging in activities like foraging within these areas can disrupt the balance of the ecosystem and harm native plant populations.

So, please remember: When visiting conservation areas, keep your dogs on leash and refrain from any form of foraging or plant collection. Let’s prioritize the preservation of these valuable natural spaces and appreciate their beauty without causing harm

Mike Smith