Featured Weekly Articles In Sydenham Current

We are honoured to be featured every week in the Sydenham Current, the Wallaceburg Local Online News. Every Monday a new article will be published sharing the many aspects of Native gardening, wild life and our Native Bio Diversity. This page has been created to catalogue the articles for easy research and sharing. Each title is linked to the corresponding article so they are just a click away. We hope you enjoy these segments. Looking for more information check out our Publications and Guides

Supporting Pollinators

By Larry Cornelis October 5, 2020

Attracting And Enjoying Songbirds

By Larry Cornelis October 12, 2020

Our Carolinian Trees

By Larry Cornelis October 19, 2020

Cavity Nesting Birds & The Need For Bird Houses

By Larry Cornelis October 26, 2020

Magnificent Eagles, Magnificent Comeback

By Larry Cornelis November 2, 2020

Silphiums: Strange and Wonderful

By Larry Cornelis November 9, 2020

Momochromatic Charm Ferns

By Larry Cornelis November 16, 2020

Old Growth Trees and Forests

By Larry Cornelis November 23, 2020

Wonderful, Weird Woodpeckers

By Larry Cornelis November 30, 2020

Nature’ Perfect Flowering Plant

By Larry Cornelis December 7, 2020

Sydenham River Corridor

By Larry Cornelis December 14, 2020

The Ontario Banana

By Larry Cornelis, December 21, 2020

Amazing Avian Migration

By Larry Cornelis December 28

Fascinating Owls

By Larry Cornelis January 4, 2021

Squirrely characters

By Larry Cornelis January 11, 2021